Information for Traders

The minimum purchase are 20 corals to get trade prices.

The size of my plant and the fact that  30.000 coral fragments are always available is certainly very interesting for the specialised trade. Also abroad I was able to make some interesting and permanent contacts.

My coral plant works in a nutrient-rich environment, therefore the colours of my corals do not vanish, because the water contains some nitrate or phosphate, which is surely helpful for the keeping in your coral plant.

Furthermore I provide layer stones from our own production. These are made of white concrete and can be purchased fresh or already watered. If they are watered all harmful substances are extracted. Already watered stones do not emit nitrate, phosphate, nitrite, ammonia and silicate. The stones are packed with 100 pieces each and do have scaled prices. Therefore it is interesting for wholesaler.

You can purchase products to regular merchant wholesale prices from the following manufacturers:

Schuran - VENOTEC - Gro Tech - ATI -AMA/Eco System - QFI - Tropic Marin

If you submit your trade licence I will send you the price list for all products.

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